Every flavor comes with a story. Some flavors are comprised of ingredients compelled by literature, history or memory. Some flavors are comprised by ingredients compelled by all of these or none of these. Some flavors have stories written completely on a whim. But every flavor has a story.

    small-batch jams, 
                 marmalades & chutneys
             with their well-paired
                 flavor stories
       rich in historical, artistic, anthropological context
       concocted fresh
          in Suzanne’s kitchen
               made from organic, 
seasonal & mostly local produce sourced from
       Portland, Oregon

With a very personal variation
       on the old adage ‘Which came first: 
   the chicken or the egg?’, 
     I began a journey of combining
food, artistry, and stories
       to embody those fleeting
memory bursts that arrive 

suddenly when least expected.
That ‘aha moment’ when,       walking along, 
you smell a scent that immediately
    registers a distant remembrance
     or story from long ago. 

 When I first began creating jams and marmalades, 
    I enjoyed playing with
             a variety of fruits available, 
                adding in herbs, flowers, or
essential oils purely for my own
       imagination -  a sense of whimsy. 
What I discovered along the way
was the response everyone seemed to share: 
                                       their stories! 

      What I am striving for when
creating Flavor Stories is the
            alchemicalmoment when
   sensations jog memories
      which then allow the stories
      to tell themselves. 

I imagine the process to be similar to a perfumer’s  
    alchemical unfolding when trying to capture the
essence of a moment, a time, or place. 

As with fragrance, Pink Slip Jam
concoctions are ephemeral -
the fruit is different
season to season, 
the moments and stories
preserved are what remain.